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Friends Only Time. =D

Okay, well since pretty much everyone who cares about my posts has been added as a Friend on here, I've decided to make this FRIENDS ONLY.

Anyone wishing to add me as a friend, leave a comment, or just let me know in some way, and I'll get back to you about it ASAP. 

Looks a little familiar...

Has anybody else noticed how DT's "Brand new board" is just a complete PFU rip-off? Although he hasn't technically stolen any content, he still has the same forum groups, forums and sub-forums as PFU, and here's some screenshots to show those who haven't been to it.

Sorry for the less-than average screenshots, but I think you get the idea. =/

Rollercoasters, Holy Rollers

Just in case people haven't noticed, I usually start my entries with random lines from songs that I'm listening to at the time.  No idea why, maybe because I can never think of anything good to put there. =/  Occasionally the lines from the songs match up too, such as this one.  My life is like a massive rollercoaster lately, figuratively speaking of course, but then again, that's just me being melodramatic as usual.

Okay, ignore that first paragraph, I just wrote whatever came into my head, as I tend to do a lot as well.  Anyway, I'm getting a little sick of some people on MSN, I know a lot of people tend to think of me as an annoyance on MSN, but at least I try to make intelligent coversation every now and then, yes, I'm referring to you Aipom Master.  I just felt like typing something that wasn't to you on MSN.  He's really not the brightest one, or most interesting for that matter, and since he wouldn't be able to read this if I had it set to friends only, this will be a public entry, at least until he sees it.  I'm truly considering clearing out my MSN contact list and just re-adding the people that I can have decent conversations to.

Sorry if this sounds like I'm bitching, or like it's a personal attack or something, I'm only using you Aipom Master an example because I'm talking to him right now, and honestly, it's one of the dumbest conversations ever, I think I lost some IQ points.


So much for the afterglow

Don't you just love unrelated titles.  A song by Everclear, which has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm posting, is the title of the entry.

There's been a lot of depression around PFU lately, and instead of trying to cheer themselves up, they make it worse, by whinging about it everywhere.  I've seen at least 4 members go on angst trips lately, most of which didn't even have that much bad in their lives at the time.  In fact, some didn't even have ANY reason as far as I could see.

Let's see, a great example would be: "I am has angst and it maded me depression.  I s Leving PFU forevr, cuz I ned a lyf." or even something like: "Ha, I M lving intrawebz froevr bcus I has lif nw, nt lke j00 ppl. >D>D"

Okay so the second one wasn't exactly angst, but you get my point.  People seem to think they're too good for the internet because they have a life or just got a girlfriend/boyfriend.  I'm getting sick of these people, so what if you're depressed, pretty much everyone is these days, it's "cool" now.  The people that think they're too good for the rest of us are even worse, they seem to think that no-on who spends time on the internet has a life, which I absolutely hate.  Compared to those people, I probably have more of a life, they just want to prove to random people they don't know that they're awesome most of the time.

Umm, long rant there, I'm just kind of annoyed right now, so expect some grammatical/spelling errors. ^_^;;